Don't get too close
Reduce the intimacy
Don't get too close
Less vulnerability

Don't get too close
You'll see my flaws, witness my gaps, notice my scars

My self esteem's a work in progress
Confidence has been suppressed

I have:
- Attachment issues
- Daddy issues
- Childhood trauma
- Paranoia

Scared of being loved by you
What if I can't reciprocate?
Afraid of being judged by you
What if that love turns into hate?

Cannot receive your love for me
Still learning how to love myself
Love without pain is new to me
Love that is free is frightening

I'm not sure what to do with you
Have no clue how to keep you here
Worried that you'll stop loving me
Scared that one day you'll walk away

I've loved before and been abandoned
Loved before and been deceived

I've tried and failed
My heart mishandled
Can't give out what I've not received

I've looked for love
Searched high and low
But always end up on my own

I've longed for love
Would sell my soul
Plant many seeds that never grow

Don't get too close
Cause I'm a mess
I don't deserve the love you have
Don't get too close
Please keep away
I'm better off all by myself